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Atelier Lüke

Luitpoldstraße 50
45879 Gelsenkirchen
Tel. +49 209 1487630

Claudia Lüke works and lives in Ruhrgebiet, Germany. Apart from thematic paintings and objects, Claudia Lüke’s work featured major conceptual projects and installations in public areas, in recent years. In her work she gains insight into specific topics and turns it into expressive art, thereby creating new and yet unknown perspectives for the viewers. Thus, Claudia Lüke succeeds in generating an exciting dialog between her own artistic language and the local surroundings.

Claudia Lüke

IMG_6896since her study of art at the Folkwang University of Arts she has been working as a freelance artist


  • 2018 artist in residence „The OU Gallery“, Vancouver Island
    2013artist in residence „BigCi“, Sydney
  • 2012 3. price art competition „Kulturmeile“
  • 2011 scholarship Gotland  Landschaftsverbandes Westfalen-Lippe
  • 2008 1. price Fenstergestaltung, ev. Landeskirche, Paderborn
  • 2003 1. prize solar art competition, Gelsenkirchen
  • 2002 1. prize in poster competition, international women’s synod,
  • 2000 2. prize Drafts for the artistic overall design of the chapel at
    the Arena „Auf Schalke“ (football stadium)
  • 1990 Scholarship of the city of Gelsenkirchen for visual arts

 international exhibitions

Vancouver Island (Canada), Kapstadt (South Africa), Luxemburg, Paris (France), Beijing (China), Perugia (Italy), Pécs (Hungary), Sydney (Australia), Shanghai (China), Visby (Schweden), Zürich (Swiss), Zebugg (Malta) a.o.

national exhibitions

Dessau, Duisburg, Essen, Grevenbroich, Gladbeck, Hattingen, Iserlohn, Köln, Langenberg, Münster, Mühlheim, Recklinghausen, Remscheid, Tecklenburg, Witten a.o.

Major projects

“urban discovery”
concept and art direction of an exhibition and series of events and workshops (2007-2010) with
international artists from various art categories (the concept was elected by the comitee for „Ruhrgebiet,
capital of culture 2010)
“..e sopra di noi le stelle..”
Zeche Nordstern(2003), Duisburger Innenhafen(2004), Wissenschaftspark Rheinelbe(2005)
“BrautSchau”(„looking for a wife“)
installation and art direction of a five-week exhibition and series of events (2005) with female artists from various art categories
“Glückauf für Brot und Spiele”(“thumbs up for bread and games”)
installation at the Glückaufkampfbahn (football stadium) for the public viewing events during the world
cup 2006